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Nursing Division’s Strategies (2017 – 2021)

        1. Supporting to be excellence of nursing service system among health care setting and community.

        2. Develop and drive the regulating system of nursing service quality.

        3. Develop management system of nursing workforce which integrates with good governance, engagement and workforce happiness.

        4. Nursing network strengthen all level; domestic, ASEAN and global.

        5. Promote nursing innovation development to raises up organization capability according to Thailand 4.0 challenging policy.

National Nursing Service Strategies (2017 – 2021)

        Vision: excellence quality of nursing service and happy nursing workforce through the sustainable development trajectory, for all people wellness.

        Nursing ServiceStrategies;

        1. To develop the excellence of nursing service system

        2. To develop regulating system and support sustainability of nursing service quality.

        3. To promote the good governance among nursing workforce management.

        4. To strengthen nursing network and nursing collaborative within ASEAN region and global ally.

        5. To promote nursing innovation development according to Thailand 4.0 challenging policy.