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History of ND

Division of Nursing
Office of Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health 

               Nursing division is the first and central unit that takes responsibility for nursing service development, in the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH). It was established according to the country development policy, after an affected of World War II. (2494 – 2500 B.E) There was a public health policy to extend the number of healthcare facilities to remote area, providing healthcare team; mainly doctors and nurses, drug and medical equipment for health prevention and therapeutic. Accordingly to this policy, Thailand was supported by W.H.O sending Ms. G Richardson, an expert to evaluate nursing situation in the country, as well as Ms. Inga Byorkroth, a representative from C.E.A organization came to support on nursing and midwifery education. After their hard work, MOHP was suggested to establish a nursing unit as a center to create and develop nursing knowledge including authorized to control and support of nursing services in remote area. At those time the concept propose was to establish “Department of Nursing”, however, the process was taking time from 2493 B.E. to 2495 B.E, and finally, the nursing unit was set separately by the minister ordered and named “Nursing Division” which has been controlled by the Office of Permanent Secretary.